Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

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This set is for the hustling, dreaming, and passionate small business owner. Running a small business is no joke and means you are constantly trying to learn and grow, while also being a person. If you feel like your identity is tied up into your business, these reminders can help you start to find balance.

This set includes the following affirmations:
1. My work is not my worth
2. My value is not based on the success of my business
3. I will not be distracted by comparing myself to others
4. I can’t do it all and I don’t need to
5. I can accept that not everyone will understand my decisions
6. I will pursue the things I am passionate about
7. I am not an imposter
8. I give myself permission to rest when I am tired
9. It takes courage to take risks
10. It’s okay to grow slow

Each set includes:
-10 affirmations (written, lettered, and painted by Rachel Tenny) measuring 4"x4" each
-a 3" acrylic stand to easily display your cards
-printed on 110# Cougar paper for durability