Affirmations for Hard Days Mini Print

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Our best affirmations packed into a print that is the perfect size to frame and take with you to your office, bedroom, or anywhere you go!

Size: 5x7 print on Neenah Classic Crest Cover #100 paper (thick and beautiful!)

Who is this print for?
This print is for anyone who has hard days. It provides the reminder that you can do hard things and that it’s okay to feel a little stuck sometimes. There is value in “just being” with the hard feelings on the days that feel less than great.

This print includes the following affirmations:
1. Not everyday will be like this
2. I won't let this situation cloud my perspective on all that's going well
3. I will fight through the bad days to get to the good ones
4. I am doing my best
5. This distress is temporary
6. I will get through this
7. Tomorrow brings a new beginning
8. I trust that everything is happening as it should
9. Just because I feel like a failure today doesn't mean that I am
10. I have survived every hard day up until this point