Inspirational Motivational Daily Quotes Jar (30 quotes)

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Motivational Quote Jar - Give someone the gift of motivation, the jar contains 30 unique quotes to help you stay motivated. 
Our motivational jars with inspirational notes are designed to bring positivity to friendship, along with mental happiness and well-being.
The perfect motivation gift for your friend, mother, sister, or work colleague. Each day they'll have a unique motivational quote to open.
Giving your friend a motivation quote jar is a unique way to make them smile or brighten their day. The jar makes a great gift for a friend, for their birthday, graduation gift, Christmas gift or leaving gift. 
- Jar contains 30 unique motivational inspirational daily quotes
- Jar is 190ml
- Each jar is 8.5cm high with 6.5cm diameter
Some example quotes are - 
don’t wish for it, work for it
train your mind to see the good in every situation
if you get tired learn to rest, not to quit
Don’t Quit.